Principal Message

 Amanda Rodgers

 It is such an honor and privilege to serve the students,   teachers, and families of Earl and Marthalu Dieterich  Middle School in Midlothian ISD! I am blessed to be able serve such an amazing school district and community that supports and values the education of our future and one that honors educators who went above and beyond for the students of Midlothian ISD: Earl and Marthalu Dieterich.  I did not have the privilege of knowing Mr. or Mrs. Dieterich but have been richly blessed by the many stories shared with me. Of all the conversations I’ve had, one thing has been the common thread; the impact that they each had on students because of the relationships that were built with not only the students, but the families as well.  As their daughter Dee shared with me, Earl and Marthalu were not only her parents, but parents to the community as well.  Their generous spirit and gracious love for learning was shared with all who came in contact with them and it is my hope that our school exemplifies these same characteristics. 

Our vision at Dieterich Middle School is to empower all to own their learning, shape their dreams, and create a better world.  

At Dieterich Middle School, we will work to create a personalized learning environment where we meet each student where they are and work collaboratively with them to maximize their strengths so they find true value in learning. 

At Dieterich Middle School, we will work to create a culture where the power of learning is within the questions asked and not the answers, a culture where failure represents learning because every learner gets back up and tries again.  

At Dieterich Middle School, we will work to create servant leaders that are planted within our community and look for ways to serve others to make Midlothian a better place, a culture where the needs of others come before our own.  

At Dieterich Middle School, we will educate the whole child and not just by a standard set by others, but a standard that is personalized for each student and represents the community in which we live.     

The foundation has been laid by Mr. and Mrs. Dieterich:  The foundation of love- love for each and every student, staff and family member that walks through the doors of this building. My desire is that the relationships built and the bond that is created exemplifies that we truly are family and MISD Proud!  

It brings me much joy to lead Dieterich Middle School, where we will dream more, learn more, serve more and become more!

Go Bobcats!